" I want to thank you for being a part of your first year of subscription to The Counter Terrorist. You have done the best thing for the Security Industry ever. I want you to know that I personally used the information to protect my own family with it. There is not a magazine that is even close to this. BEST of the BEST. I have really come to look for my magazine in the mail.”

Subscriber, The Counter Terrorist Magazine

Congratulations to SSI for the new service to the Law Enforcement Community in the form of its new publication. I have been a friend of yours since going to Israel for a tour of sites and seeing the different security measures used to protect themselves. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) requested additional training which was delivered with experts from Israel who are on the front line everyday and held nothing back and answered every question. Everyone who attended left with ideas and information they have since used in planning to prevent a terrorist attack in our state.

  Bill Graham
  South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

"I have not found a publication yet that provides the information that the Counter Terrorist magazine does. SSI has their finger on the important issues to Law Enforcement and information that we, as a country, need to protect our homeland. Thank you SSI, for bringing relevant news and training to us on the front lines and taking a hard stand on the War on Terror."
  Det. Sam Mullins
  Green River Police Department

Dear Henry, Sol and friends at SSI,
I am looking forward to your first issue of "The Counter Terrorist" with great anticipation. I have found your programs to be effective training, informative and highly useful in the counter terrorism community. If "The Counter Terrorist" is anything like the programs you have delivered in the past I know it will be beneficial for the law enforcement and counter terrorism community.
  Best wishes with this new endeavor,
  Sergeant Alden Doane
  ERT Commander
  Homeland Security Unit
  Sarasota County Sheriff's Office
  PO Box 4115
  Sarasota, Florida 34230
  941 861-4225
Security Solutions International has become universally recognized as a World leader in their innovative and proactive approach to homeland security training and intelligence service. As the CEO of an international security consulting firm I have depended on SSI to keep me informed of counter terrorism issues relevant to my clients needs. SSI's past performance has been impeccable and I look forward to the launch of The Counter Terrorist publication as another indispensable tool in fight against terrorism.
  Tom Lewallen, Chief of Police, (ret.)
  CEO, TL International, Inc.

Good luck in the launch of "The Counter Terrorist". I am sure it will a quality publication and excellent resource for professionals. I wouldn't expect anything less from SSI.
  John F. Stampfli
  Brigadier General, Army National Guard

The training mission I attended in Israel with Security Solutions International was literally a life-changing experience. SSI was able to get a true "behind the scenes" look at how this country has developed strategies to fight the war on terrorism. As a former law enforcement officer and director of security for Fortune 500 companies, the insights that were gained from seeing first hand what is being done to deal with terrorism in a country that has and continues to experience these tragedies is not only invaluable, but proved to me the we, in the United States need to make major shifts of the paradigms toward security and safety.

The three major shifts we need to not only consider, but put into practice are: 1. The Sharing of Intelligence from the Military to Federal Agencies, to the Police, to the private sector. 2. Citizen preparedness and the willingness to spot and report suspicious behaviors. 3. Behavioral profiling. ("You look for the bomb...We look for the bomber") 4. Proactive instead of reactive.

What made this experience life changing is I have started a company, Observation On Demand, LLC and have developed some of the ideas I saw in Israel to make them acceptable to the court of public opinion in the safety and security industry. I thank SSI for their professionalism, support, and the lifelong friendships that resulted from the wonderful time I spent in Israel. I wish them the greatest success on their new magazine.
  John Demand,
  Observation On Demand, LLC

Dear SSI,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you much success on the launch of your new magazine "The Counter Terrorist". I previously had the privilege of taking an SSI arranged trip to Israel and found it to be fascinating and insightful. SSI certainly has the contacts in the field of Counter Terrorism and is proactive in helping the anti-terrorism effort. Keep up the great work!
  Sgt. Rick Silberman
  North Miami Beach Police Department
  16901 NE 19th Ave.
  North Miami Beach, FL 33162
Sol, Henry and all SSI staff,
Congratulations on the inaugural edition of "The Counter Terrorist" Your efforts to educate, train and protect America in Homeland Security is greatly appreciated. Besides these efforts in the US, the quality of your trips to Israel is un surpassed. As a Fire Chief in a large resort destination area of Southern California the information learned from this trip has helped us learn how the experts prevent, protect and respond to terrorist events. Good luck and I look forward to reading the magazine
  Roger Smith, Fire Chief
  City of Anaheim

here is no doubt that "The Counter Terrorist" magazine will be a complete success. It comes from a respected professional security company that has placed counterterrorism and security in general at the highest level of training, support, and education. This is a very valuable tool for the security professional. Good luck!
  Victor Guembes
  Certified Homeland Security, Level III
  Counterterrorism Specialist

Again SSI comes thru for us involved in of Homeland Security. This magazine will be another tool to unite and educate all of us involved in this very special and needed venture. Thanks again and my hat is off to the SSI team.
  Larry Schroeder, Reserve Police officer/Coast Guard Aux pilot
  Des Moines, IA.515-253-0913

Please keep up your outstanding work with the new publication initiative. The service / information you provide is an important component of our security. Best wishes for a successful launch!!
  Dr. William J. Raynor III
  State University of New York at Delhi

I want to wish all of my friends at SSI the best of luck with the launch of their new publication, "The Counter Terrorist". I began my relationship with SSI in 2006 with a training mission to Israel, and I cannot say enough about the quality of the training and professionalism of all of the staff both in Israel and the U.S. I have been in law enforcement since 1984, and I must say that SSI provides a quality program with unparalleled access to government and private sector counter terror experts.

I look forward to that same professionalism and access to experts in the field of counter terrorism in the pages of their new magazine. As a full time law enforcement trainer I will be pouring over each issue for information to add to our counter terror training programs at both the basic academy and specialized in-service training.

  Best wishes,
  John Rose
  Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
  Regional Police Academy Instructor

I want to wish Security Solutions International and Henry Morgenstern the best of luck with the new magazine "The Counter Terrorist".
As the leaders in Counter terrorist training SSI is well poised to provide the most current and relevant training materials and information on the current state of terrorist movements facing and threatening the world today. I have had the privilege to accompany Henry and other SSI members on a training Mission to Israel and the level of professionalism, non censored access and expertise to the terrorist threat and more importantly the tactics developed to defeat these threats were amazing.
I am waiting with excited anticipation for the first issue of “The Counter Terrorist"                 
  Best regards,
  Sean Morrison, CEO
  Morrison Security Corporation
  Ph: 708-389-2400, Fax: 708-389-8674
  Toll free: 1-800-571-6721
SSI has made great strides in a very short time in teaching the Law Enforcement and Homeland Security world of the dangers of terrorism and how to understand and combat it. This magazine is yet another great step forward in combating Terrorism. Having made three trips to Israel with SSI as well as taken several classes here in the USA, I can testify to the quality and dedication that is put into all of their training and materials. I have gotten my monies worth for all that I have attended and received. Knowledge is power and this will be another way to gain knowledge and power, to help protect ourselves, our families and our country from terrorism.
  Sergeant Brian Haggerty
  Southbridge Ma Police Dept.

"The Counter Terrorist" Magazine gathers the most current and credible information and packages it into an easy to read format. The first issue has been a wonderful knowledge base that I will keep for my permanent files. Thanks for launching this one of a kind magazine for the serious law enforcement professional!
  Sgt. Kimberly Schneider
  Public Information Officer - U.S. Capitol Police