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10th Edition Homeland Security Professionals Conference and Exposition
November 3-4, 2015

11th Annual Homeland Security Conference and Expo
October 25th ─ 26th, 2016

Held at The Florida Hotel and Conference Center

Florida Hotel View
Florida Hotel View
  • More centrally located deluxe hotel
  • No parking charges
  • Inexpensive and plentiful alternatives
  • Internet in the rooms and in the lobby

This year’s conference is being held in the shadow of an unprecedented expansion of terror. At the beginning of 2016, ISIS has the support of 43 different terror groups in 15 different countries from Libya to Russia and across the globe. ISIS is only one International Terror Group – there are many more.

One World – many threats” will feature speakers that cast light on how the US must react to understand and confront this threat. Exciting presentations on how to defeat terror groups online, to international global best practices from countries such as Israel will also be presented - 6 speakers in two days, with a group of hand selected vendors covering 35 different Homeland Security technologies and products will make this the most important conference ever

Terrorism Briefing

On June 12th 2016, the most tragic act of terror to befall the USA since 9/11 took place in Orlando. We are honored to get a briefing on the tragedy at Pulse Night club from Chief John Mina of Orlando PD at the opening of the 11th annual Homeland Security Professionals Conference in Orlando on October 25th and 26th 2016 at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center.

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Conference Speaker List

Professor Ryan Mauro

Ryan Mauro
Professor Ryan Mauro

Ryan Mauro is a professor of homeland security for Liberty University and the national security analyst for the Clarion Project, an organization that focuses on Islamist extremism while promoting the voices of tolerance and moderation. He's made over 1,000 media appearances and is a consultant to government agencies, policy-makers and political campaigns. Read more

Navy Seal Tom Black

Tom Black
Tom Black

A combat veteran Navy SEAL and Private Military Contractor of over 23 deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security and a Master’s Degree in Security Management. He has performed multiple threat assessments and risk analysis both in the United States and abroad. He also has written dozens of papers on Terrorism Preparedness, Airport Security, Border Security, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Taliban, and Home-grown terrorism.

Dr. Robert Rail

Robert Rail
Dr. Robert Rail

Dr. Robert Rail is a retired police officer and retired International Police Officer for the United Nations Police Task Force in Bosnia and Kosovo. As a war zone officer, Bob performed a wide variety of enforcement assignments including conflict investigation and riot response. He was also responsible for designing curriculums and instructing the elite police officers from 56 nations who had been deployed to conflict war zones in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. He has been a physical confrontation advisor to personnel for NATO and OSCE. He was a resident staff instructor at the Specialized Advanced Training Unit of the High Institute of the Baghdad Police College in Iraq. He is a frequent contributor to publications, television, and radio programs and conducts both training and consulting services for universities and corporations worldwide. He is the author of five books: The Unspoken Dialogue; Defense without Damage; Custodial Cuffing and Restraint; Reactive Handcuffing Tactics, and Surviving the International War Zone. Read more

Ex CIA Officer: Robert Dougherty

Robert Dougherty
Robert Dougherty

Bob Dougherty worked for 25 years as an undercover Operations Officer for the CIA. He has deep operational experience in the U.S., Europe, Central America, South America and the Middle East. Bob has successfully worked against foreign terrorist groups such as Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Sendero Luminoso, Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Read more

CEO of Cardinal Point: Paul Goldenberg

Paul Goldengerg
Paul Goldenberg

Global threats, local impacts: addressing the threat of violent extremists in today's environment.

The concern of native or naturalized citizens being trained in terrorist camps on battlefield abroad and returning to wage war at home is coming to fruition, on the streets of Paris, Brussels, London and other Western nations. This, coupled with the ongoing concerns of homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) inspired to act by a range of violent ideologies, poses a complex and dynamic threat to the Homeland. The recent resurgence in violent attacks by both sovereign citizens and white supremacists further complicates the threat environment. The persistent threat of the domestic terrorism issue, namely white supremacists and neo-Nazis, has at times been overshadowed by the emerging overseas threat, mainly ISIS and al-Qaeda affiliates. It is important to note, as recent studies have confirmed, the number of plots and attacks by these domestic groups here in the U.S. has outnumbered those affiliated with overseas terrorist organizations Read more

Colonel Behram A. Sahukar

Behram A. Sahukar
Col. Behram A. Sahukar

Colonel Behram A. Sahukar served in the Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) of the Indian Army for 34 years and is a combat veteran of the 1971 India-Pakistan War. He holds a Master’s Degree in Defense Studies, and an Advanced Master’s Degree (MPhil) in International Studies (Middle East/South Asia).

He has many years of operational experience in counterinsurgency and counter-terrorism operations along the Line of Control in Kashmir, in Punjab during rampant terrorism in the mid-1980s, and along India’s troubled border with China. He retired in 2003 as Additional Officer, Counter-Terrorism Division, Defense Intelligence Agency, Ministry of Defense, India. Read more

David Bogolub

David Bogolub
David Bogolub

David Bogolub is an expert in WMD. He will be presenting a scenario on a WMD incident, one of the greatest fears of Countries faced with the threat of CBRNE terrorism.

David Bogolub is a board certified emergency physician and a Medical Officer with USDHHS with some of the HHS emergency response teams with special training and background in NBC and mass casualty management. Prior to medical school he was an EMT/Paramedic and left the Chicago Fire Department as Paramedic Officer/Paramedic-in-Charge in June, 1991 to attend medical school at Chicago College of Osteopathic medicine where he completed internship and residency in emergency medicine. Read more

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